Healthy Homes with the Housing Preservation Department of NYC

Healthy Homes was a part of the “Kit of Ideas” presented to HPD in collaboration with Parsons and Public Policy Lab - a part of the winning submission for the Rockefeller Cultural Innovation Funding 2012.


By using a visual narrative familiar to many in the city (“why is my alarm beeping!?”) it was able to evoke an empathy from the service providers. See user narrative journey below. 

The Pilot program begins with a design competition for infographics on the housing codes for each month of the year. The calendar would then be distributed to a target area high in violations, and would identify what is the tenants’ rights and responsibilities. The post cards attached to the calendar create a feedback channel from tenants to HPD.

Postcards first inform the tenants of their rights and responsibilities using pictorial infographics for each of the 12 violations (one per month) and then has pre-paid post cards attached so the tenant can send in an anonymous violation report and also verify that the violation has been fixed, thus ensuring measures taken to prevent foreclosures and emergency situations. 

Our target user is those who are likely in a housing situation with a negligent landlord who takes advantage of their tenants silence to keep them in dangerous housing conditions. 


User Narrative Journey illustrating the tenant of a sublet using the calendar to notify HPD of a housing code violation. Team: Judit Boros, Matteo D'Amanzo, Molly Oberholtzer

Special thanks to: Andrew Eickmann, Liz Greenstein, Ezio Manzini, Chelsea Maudlin,  Lara Penin, Elise Shin, and Eduardo Staszowski, and Harriette.