Local Gold provides travelers with custom travel guides crafted by locals with shared interests & passion...and provides opportunities to bond with their guides creator. 

Time restraints and unfamiliarity while traveling prevent a tourist from connecting to the heart of the city. Travelers need a service to receive trust-worthy reviews from users that have shared interests and lifestyles.
— The Problem
Customers are weary of advertisement influence on already established travel opinion sites. People desire personalized itineraries that allow them to experience the true culture of the city.
— Observations
Travelers want local, reliable and relevant opinions on things that matter most to them whilst traveling. Carefully crafted opinions on local bars, restaurants from trusted individual reviews are currently scattered around the market scape and take a long time to filter. LocalGold can fill this void.
— Opportunity

 Your Service:

Local Gold provides users with a one on one connection with neighborhood ambassadors that recommend local places and happenings based upon your interests. The service provides true local experience and customized travel-oriented solutions.

Users log on and answer questionnaires to uncover their travel style and preferences. LocalGold pairs these preferences with neighborhood ambassadors who share the same interests. Users then customize their itineraries with suggested city happenings and rate them accordingly improving LocalGold's rating intelligence. 

Created at the Global Service Design Jam 2012 in NYC

Team: Adam Brodowski, Dom Crockett, Molly Oberholtzer, Izac Ross, Yekaterina Voevodkin