Self-initiated project

My responsibility: Quantitative research, stakeholder interviews, ideation, storyboarding, illustrations, concept-sketching


Can we build solutions that support those caring for people with dementia in order to strengthen bonds and improve their resiliency?

My mother and I are both caregivers, and so this question sparked my interest and drive to problem solve with human-centered design. The challenge, "How might we better support family caregivers as they care for a loved one with dementia? " was posted by OpenIDEO, an open innovation platform with a global community and mission to solve big challenges for social good. My submission "Myco" made it to the shortlisted final round of feedback. Please click the link to see the full submission and research contributions, and Stay tuned --if you are an OpenIDEO member, please give feedback! 

For people with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), Myco is a VUI that performs tests in order to provide the caregiver with reports on the care-recipient's cognitive changes, and what that means for their level of needed care and assistance.

Caregiver's are expected, without knowledge or expertise, to manage a transitional period in loved one's life. Myco is a VUI app that supports them in this new role. By gathering data and providing synthesized reports, Myco helps the caregiver with decision making, doctor visits, increasing care responsibilities, and how to let family members know that it is time to act.

Myco is for a technologically savvy, data-minded, (and totally overwhelmed) caregiver, who may begin their caregiving journey long distance, and is caring for someone who has just been diagnosed with the earliest stage of dementia. Myco delivers quantified reports for the caregiver; which help by providing evidence to eliminate second-guessing, prompt conversations with doctors, plan ahead for upcoming decisions, and prioritize current levels of care.

Value proposition:

For the Caregiver: Myco offers peace of mind and less of a "roller coaster experience," by detecting small changes and processing them for  evidence of larger trends that signal what is around the corner.

For the Healthcare Provider: Myco provides evidence needed to justify further testing, and can act as longitudinal testing needed for a diagnosis. 

For the Bio Staticians/Scientists: Myco allows users to opt-into sharing their data critical to better understand the pre-clinical aspects, and focus on prevention strategies or treatments. 

For the Care-Recipient: Myco is simple brain tests that anyone can take to quantify their self and cognition. Myco can help them prove that they can take care of themselves, or help them to accept and face the facts that they can't.