Client: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

My responsibility: User-research, blueprinting, story-boarding, user narratives

User Narrative Journey

Challenge: Design Memorial Sloan-Kettering's new outpatient chemotherapy center addressing human needs with interactions, touch-points, and service-system mapping.
Beginning with observational research of the "POEMS" (people, objects, environment, messages, services) we spent a month in developing our understanding of MSK and their patients. Inspired by the outdoor community gardens and flower shops near the new MSK facility, our team chose to develop an herb garden system that would create a nourishing and supportive community. The community garden includes selecting and growing herbs, drying herbs, and making herbal sachets and teas while the support network of the service includes partners, volunteers and how to disseminate appropriate information about herbs to patients.

Tools used
- Ethnographic research
- Blueprinting
- Prototyping
- Mapping
- Scenario building

Team: Miki Aso, Molly Oberholtzer, Athina Santaguida