MoMA online exhibition(s) and materials: public!

Launch of online Exhibition History
Installation photographs, archival documents, and catalogues of exhibitions now available to students, researchers, artists, curators, and the public  . . . 
now accessible on MoMA's website, at

The Exhibition History project was initiated and overseen by Michelle Elligott, Chief of Archives, and Fiona Romeo, Director of Digital Content and Strategy, The Museum of Modern Art. Over the course of the last two-and-a-half years, three MoMA archivists integrated over 22,000 folders of exhibition records dating from 1929 to 1989 from its registrar and curatorial departments, performed preservation measures, vetted the contents, and created detailed descriptions of the records for each exhibition.

The digital archive can be freely searched, or browsed in a more structured way by time period or exhibition type.

As part of this project, exhibition catalogues were newly digitized. Beginning with the catalogue for the Museum's very first exhibition, Cézanne, Gauguin, Seurat, Van Gogh, in 1929, the 800 catalogues now online offer decades of art historical expertise on topics ranging from architecture, design, painting, sculpture, drawing, and photography to media and performance. Out-of-print book titles are generally accessible; current in-print titles are featured with excerpts and links to purchase the books.

The underlying data has also been shared on GitHub, completing a trilogy of Museum of Modern Art datasets covering artworks, artists, and exhibitions dating 1929 to 1989. This data is in the public domain and can be sorted and analyzed.

Funding for the processing of The Museum of Modern Art exhibition records was generously provided by the Leon Levy Foundation.

All text taken from E-flux email. 

marion cotillard - snapshot in la

Presenting the ever lovely, graceful, charming, beguiling, responsive, flexible, seamless, smooth, seductive . . .

i-D website. 

Enough bad joke. Spoiler: It's the website! Not the actress! Get it? Away?

 Check it out for yourself here. 

Play with the sizing.

Check out the share features.

Go full screen, fall in love.


Applauds to M. Cotillard, co-director, and all those involved in coordinating this multimedia message.


Apologies for the absence, I have been traveling doing research work on existing services. So here is a related post for now ^.^


This use of couchsurfing community for getting user feedback and opinions on experience design caught my eye.



Its in polish but...aesthetics /images for the win! Language barriers crossed. 


Here's the link if you want to check it out 

Video phone etiquette

This is a link back to our early ‘material explorations’ that showed it was valuable to be able to play with the camera direction and position.

Prototype 3: Testing the experience and the UI

Final technical prototypes in this phase make a bridge between the product design and experience thinking and the technical explorations.
— Berg London

Nespresso UX

This new website from Nespresso is very nice. Great aesthetic and interaction using the web interface. I love the idea and execution of "Go to Napoli". Even cooler, is it's hidden easter egg Konami Code. With such heavy content on the platform they also do a decent job of keeping the visitor engaged during the page-loading time. The countdown is a good tool to appease anyone waiting.

See it for yourself here.